Here’s where you can go to see your favourite sharks

Some are humongous while others are little; some look terrifying with their great big teeth, whereas others are ever so gentle – yes, our beloved sharks come in...

6 things I learned at underwater photography boot camp

Recently, one of our co-founders, Sam, jumped at the chance of attending an informal underwater photography "boot camp" in Indonesia with contributor Jon Lin (check...

6 short dive trips to take from Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, scuba diving holidays don't always have to be seven days long. If there's a glorious long weekend coming up, or if...

7 whale shark facts (and where to swim with them in Asia Pacific)

Some of us have dived with it while some of us have only seen it on TV or in the pages of books and...

How to plan a scuba diving trip

New explorers of the underwater world will quickly realise that scuba diving holidays are not like any other holiday. Aside from the basics, such as...

Diving in the Maldives: A guide for first-time visitors

As one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations, The Maldives is on every scuba diver’s bucket list. The amount of marine life is remarkable,...

The Last Secret of the Maldives: Addu City’s Manta Point

It's a general belief that when it comes to scuba diving, there's no such thing as a guaranteed sighting. Which is why our co-founder...

Resort Diving in the Maldives: Vaavu Atoll

Our co-founder Din set out to prove that even though the Maldives may be recognised as a world-class liveboard destination, it doesn't mean you...

10 dive destinations for wide-angle underwater photography

Whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, stunning corals – interested in photographing the big stuff? We don’t blame you. As much as some of us...

Diving Anilao: Exploring the iconic macro wonderland of the Philippines

Itching for some serious macro action, our co-founder Din decided to spend a few days diving Anilao and exploring its most popular muck diving sites with Buceo...
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